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We welcome guys who are new to looking for escorts in Mexico. The language used in prostitute sex can be totally confusing. Or COF?

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Top definition. Literally means "Your mileage may vary " but is often used in forum talk meaning that your will vary.

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May escort girl dubai Word of the Day. Internet persona s who happens to follow you and you happen to follow them back and maintain communication with and have a mutual liking for eachother whether it be friendship wise, etc. Mutuals if more than one mutual.

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It has come to mean an acknowledgement that the opinion of the poster may not be shared by everyone. Your mileage may varyIt worked for me but it may not work for you.

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It worked with my siblings but YMMV. Your Mileage Local red deer escorts Vary. Internet shorthand used to represent 'your mileage may vary' meaning 'how far you will be able to go depends on usually external factors relating to yourself', such as locality.

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Often used in deal forums to indicate that the OP springfield ts escort poster was able to complete the deal but it is unlikely or uncertain that others will be able to do the same. Can also be used to represent 'your market may vary' which is more appropriate for internet deal forums and more easily translates to some, especially people foreign ts escort east birkerod the english language.

Often used in internet forums to indicate the likelyhood of something happening is uncertain.

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I got that Hard Drive for a quarterbut ymmv! This is usually done to encourage prostitute saint petersburg repeat call from a desirable client.

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