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Name: Jerry
How old am I: I'm 47 years old

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Some ft smith escort on this board have expressed reservations about Perfection Models. One poster described them as using questionable practices I tried booking a model with them it didn't work because of time issues, but nothing bad or flags raised.

We also do not implement minions to post and start issues or fight on our behalf. Over 3 years ago, london escorts 90 there was any agency, one of our staff members was in fact a hobbyist, posted some reviews and used to post on the board on rare occasion Hollywoodguyx going back to We pride ourselves in having great relationships with our client base, on any given tour in the dozens of markets that our talent visits, the large majority of meetings are happy existing grande prairie male escorts. We also do not brag about being friends perfection models escorts staff at providing websites or claim to have inside connections with them.

We will never write fake reviews for talent that need the help although most of our clientele do not write reviews. Unfortunately this is a desperate marketing strategy implemented by a couple of others in this industry. We also do not need to resort to bad mouthing our competition to our clients at any given opportunity, however that cannot be said about certain others.

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Evidence to back our statements can be provided upon request including abusive correspondence threatening us physical harm and correspondence bashing various other competition among other things. If you are privy to our exclusive touring roster great business seems to breed loyaltyvancouver vip escort familiar with the extensive amount of advertising we conduct money needs to come from somewhere to pay for advertising one waterlooville escort begin to understand we keep very busy without even so much as a website and why we are secure and have little time or interest in fights and bickering on boards.

They say the cream always rises to the top.

I've asked you for proof, including the so-called threatening correspondence, and bashing correspondence before and you've never provided it. You have myfeel free to send perfection models escorts and back up your claim. Oh, and you say that some of your clientele don't write reviews. That implies some do. So, where are they? If there are no reviews here, and your clients don't write reviews, and you don't advertise here or on any website You say you have little time or interest in fights and bickering on boards, yet here you are pimping yourself in not one but two thre. Possibly more.

I once contacted Perfection Models to inquire about rates for someone visiting New York. They prostitutes in exeter prompt in their replies, but due to my schedule, I couldn't set up a meeting.

For about 2 months aftewards, I would receive text messages from them alerting me when one of their providers topshelf escorts visiting New York. Since I wasn't interested, I just ignored the text messages, and they eventually stopped.

I've seen some other posts on the board that indicate Perfection Models was more aggressive in some instances. I think there was a pretty substantial thread on them a while back, so I'm sureit would come up in a fort lauderdale sentral escort. They have some very attractive and unique models that I haven't seen featured elsewhere.

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However, sometimes yas island escorts model who shows publicly on one agency's roster might show up in the "UTR" section of another agency's roster. Good luck!

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I have not dealt with HelpUBook or Kelly but I have tna escorts east norwalk with both agencies and don't have anything bad to say about them. I just haven't booked through them. I don't deal with Pam because she requires deposits and there have been problems with advance deposits in the past so I won't do them, so I don't book with Pam.

I won't work with Lita Chase because of the way sub escort erie does business and her disrespect for privacy.

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I've posted about that in the past so I won't rehash. As for Perfection Models, I won't deal with them because of the way they do business, and because of the posts and correspondence I've had with them. They've left arvada prostitution rate extremely bad taste in my mouth, especially when perfection models escorts make wild accusations and personal attacks hiding behind an alias.

Well, if this d-bag is not connected to this agency, then if I were Perfection Models i would tell Mr. D-bag Walter to STFU, because with each post my impression of them escort dartmouth sex worse and worse because he comes off like such a shill who is promoting them. You talk about those who are bad mouthing PModels with zero reviews How many reviews do YOU have?

You hide behind an alias while attacking agencies and people and posters. A lot of the other posters who are in support of an agency HAVE reviews and whitlelists by girls who are not even Carson city nv prostitutes Stars and unrelated to these agencies in question. These people seem pretty unbiased to me, especially compared to someone looks vs personality ZERO reviews who comes out and bashes people while propping himself and his agency.

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I might be using an alias but have never badmouthed anyone till now - that is how absolutely aggravating you are. Show us your history of reviews where you have actually used PModels yourself as well as other highly reviewed non PModel girls which kettering 24 hour escorts prove your credibility- till then you are nothing escort texoma a shill with ZERO credibility.

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I have made my criticism, and that's all. Prostitute website new tulare credibility is based on the logic of my criticism, which is what Alias were created about. If you still think I am related with Perfection Models, well I cannot help you.

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Just for the records: Asking for my review history or showing that I have used PModels to prove credibility is coming from someone who is using an Alias. So asking other to do what you should milf escort nyc done in first instance, it tell just how naive and unexperienced hobbyst you are. This board is inundated on a daily basis from posts coming from people who have never posted a review, never contributed to the board, falkirk escorts when they are critized by others the only argument that they can throw on the table is to ask about reviews and prove credibility, and so forth.

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How revealing is that? Well, remember: You cannot teach to others what you have still to learn. Had great luck with them booking Sophia Rossi. I see she's no longer with them, anyone know how she can be contacted? As you caitlin escort lethbridge see, all the reply comes from hobbysts who had NO stable relationship ennice nc milf personals Perfection.

Even when they mention to have booked with them no reviews has been posted, so what they say count very little. Asking about Perfection Models here is like asking about who is a guest at the Royal Court of the Princess of Montecarlo.

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Very few TER members are guests at Perfection Model Court, and they are not going to talk about them publicly, since as you know the rest of the hobbyst who populated this Board are delusional and cheerleaders. So the reply you are getting escorts service in birmingham about these delusional and cheerleaders hobbysts who have never been invited to the Royal Court of Perfection Models.

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They do not need deal with delusional and cheerleaders, and based on these replies you should escort service dayton oh why. Perfection Models has a roster composed of the top Brazzers performers, and some of the personals classifieds ads top notch porn talent you can find in today porn scenes.

That alone is more than enough to qualify Perfection Models as the point of reference for those hobbysts who are looking for the best porn talent of these days. So ignore those delusional and cheerleaders hobbysts and make you way to the Perfection Model Royal Court. You will be surely rewarded.

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You sound sooooo bitter. You like to put down others but the truth of the matter is that hobbyists DO have opinions and they DO count. If you're escorts in clarkson to put down us hobbyists why should we use your agency? And don't deny it - it's very clear from your post that you're connected with them, perhaps even the owner.

Perhaps there's a reason why some of us are cheerleaders for other agencies: it's your attitude that drives us away. And this is one of the "questionable practices" that have been mentioned - pretending to be a hobbyist when you're really the owner of the agency or pregnant escorts florida least work for them.

Selecting perfection

Look Mr French, I have my reasons to use an Alias, and even the stone here knows that I am not connected with the agency in question, neither for that matter with any agency. But you are too short on understanding to figure that out The reason why YOU and other are happy with TLC is because the other agencies do not offer "deals', best prices, extra-time for dinner, and so forth, all of which you preach about from years. If your philosophy of hobbying is this, good for you.

There is nothing wrong to be a hobbyst who is looking for 'deals', best prices, extra-times, etc. But stick your opinion to the things that perfection models escorts know, and continue to do the cheerleader for that agency that does all the above for you. Free newmarket escorts such no matter what you say, your opinion count as much as ZERO. Since ocala fl escorts are so good on playing the chearleading game, stick with that Mr French. As Eddie said, there are hobbysts and hobbysts: this board is ending up being a bunch of hitchhikers, delusional dudes and is not a case that many have taken the cheerleaders road.

Actually if you read the entire thread - NOT just Perfection Models reply - but the ENTIRE thread, that presents a pretty good idea of the range of experiences people have had dealing with this agency. There is good, bad and ugly And a level escort let the Benjamin Walter shills of the board bully you either You can search my post history and you top independent escorts see I have never had any sort of agenda against anyone or any agency, just looking for info every now and then But it took no problem in bashing the agencies and others who do not have the requirements he is looking for e.

The rest is my critical post and the other responces on it. It sound you have no idea about what you are talking about I argued that this board is the wrong place to ask about that agency, and it look likes my argument is well based. I also made a suggestion, and I will brunswick nc milf personals another one: If you want to know about their service, PM hobbysts who have reviewed Perfection Models talent at least 3 or 4 times.

There is a guy, I cannot recall his handle who run a sort of Porn Review Series check his reviews about porn stars and you will find themor something like that, cambodia escort agency knows a lot about the agency. I am sure it will be of great help, as it was for me. As you can see I am trying to help you, rather that making statements mccoys escorts have Zero Weight. Which is exactly my point about this set of posts. The only one who is delusional here is you.

I have perfection models escorts 30 years of experience in arlington heights escorts hobby and I have used many, many, many agencies.