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Prostitutionthe practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity, in general with someone who is not a spouse or a friend, in exchange for immediate payment in money or other valuables.

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However, advertising sexual services, paying for those services, and living off the material gains from selling sex, are illegal.

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This is nearly as patronizing as it is ineffective at eradicating sex work. True, many madison personals and children — boys as well as girls — fall prey to predatory men, and are forced into prostitution by violence or drug addictions.

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Some are lost to human trafficking. Some are killed.

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These women and children do need saving, and their situation deserves everything the Canadian and international justice system has to offer. Underage prostitution and sex slavery should absolutely be illegal escorts lubbock, tx the procurers never the victims should be prosecuted with the full force of the law.

But not all sex workers are forced into prostitution. Escorts and call girls can make a lot of money, and some truly enjoy their jobs.

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She loved independent escorts in brisbane, which allowed her to pay for post-secondary school, rent, and car insurance. If they choose to sell sexual services, then the government should not treat them as immoral or as victims, or prosecute their clients.

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Instead, the government should ensure that they are working in as safe an environment as possible. The PCEPA was drafted to eradicate prostitution while protecting the sex workers from criminal charges, but adele battle creek escort it does is disregard prostitution as a legitimate source of income and increase the risk of violence, rape, and STI transmission for sex workers. Criminalizing any portion of transactional sex enforces social stigma and pushes the industry underground.

Being forced to conduct business in the shadows means that sex workers have less power to personals richmond fees and insist on safe sex practices. Sex workers are now less likely to access health and support international escorts than they were before the PCEPA passed in Argento found that 18 per cent were unable to access health new meads beach escorts post-PCEPA as opposed to 13 per cent ly.

Argento also determined that only 69 per new san antonio outcall escorts accessed support services after as opposed to 77 per cent pre-PCEPA. If prostitution was recognized as a legitimate business, then sex workers would have the right to work out of safe, clean locations with security, access to health services, and support for those who wanted to transition out of sex work.

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They would be empowered to set their bbw escort cincinnati fees, enforce safe sex practices and boundaries, and go to the police if assaulted or raped. Changing the law will not eradicate human trafficking or child prostitution.

It will not mean that sex workers will never again be abused or killed.

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But changing the law can empower sex workers to demand better working conditions, and it may start a cultural shift that changes how we view people in the sex industry. Many other nations have decriminalized or legalized black girl escort in caloundra to some extent, and some handle it far better than we do.


The Netherlands has legalized brothels and now regulates prostitution. There are questions to address mature escort east clovis legalizing the still-criminal aspects of prostitution. Would we have red light districts? Would brothels register as businesses?

Would individual workers be licenced? How would prostitution be taxed?

We have a choice. Continue trying to abolish prostitution and tucson female escorts to protect the workers who are most vulnerable to harm in their profession, or accept something that is happening anyways and make it safe.

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Changing the law can empower sex workers to demand better working conditions, and it may start a cultural shift that changes how we view people in the sex industry.