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Blue-collar worker is an idiom referring to a member of the working class who performs manual labor and earns an hourly wage.

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Blue-collar workers are dallas escort incall from Tertiary sector of industry service workers and from white-collar workers, whose jobs are not considered manual labor. However, some service workers are also often referred to as blue-collar workers.


Traditionally, white-collar workers earn a monthly or annual salary rather than an hourly wage, although paying white-collar workers by the hour is an increasing practice, especially among independent tech contractors. Blue-collar work may be skilled or unskilled, and may involve manufacturingmining, building and construction trades, law enforcement, mechanical work, hanwell escorts, repair and operations maintenance or technical installations.

The white-collar worker, by contrast, performs non-manual labor ts escort dating in an office; and the service industry worker performs labor involving customer interaction, entertainment, retail and outside sales, and the like. Some service industry workers differ as they perform tasks that are mostly unskilled in the service sector.

Common blue-collar jobs

The term blue-collar occasionally carries a stereotype based on historical perspective. The blue-collar worker in the United States is an embodiment of the American mythos of a work ethic and the dignity of labor.

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Blue-collar workers take pride in their jobs. Some blue-collar jobs, such escort virginia beach those of janitors and assembly line workers, may carry negative stereotypes from perceptions that they represent minimal ability, or that the people in those positions were too lazy to obtain a better job or were poorly educated.

Most involve levels of specialized skill that carry no stigma, and are contrarily a source of pride.

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The term blue-collar is derived from uniform dress codes of industrial workplaces. Industrial and manual workers wear cheap wigan female escorts clothing that can be soiled or scrapped at work. Often these items are bought by the company and laundered by the establishment as well.

The popularity of the color blue among persons who do manual labor is contrasted to the ubiquitous white dress shirt that, historically, has been standard attire in office environments. This obvious color-coding has been pasadena tx milf personals to identify a difference in socio-economic class.

This distinction is growing more blurred, however, with the increasing importance of skilled laborand the growth of non-laboring, but low-paying, service sector jobs.

What does blue-collar mean?

Blue-collar can also be used as an adjective to describe the environment of the blue-collar worker: e. Latin escorts ny distinctive elements of blue-collar work are the lesser requirements for formal academic education which is needed to succeed in other types of work, with many blue-collar jobs requiring only a High School Diploma or GED. Usually, the pay for such occupation is lower than that of the white-collar worker, although higher than prostitution jacksonville fl entry-level service occupations.

Sometimes the work conditions can be strenuous or hazardous. Blue-collar workers exist in varying proportions throughout the industrial world, though some regions are especially noted for their "blue-collar" ethic. The U. Pittsburgh's blue-collar image is driven largely by media portrayal which is based on the prevailing "hard working blue-collar" mentality that the majority of Pittsburgh residents tend to value.

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With the movement of many Western nations towards service based economy, the of blue-collar jobs has steadily decreased. Another main reason for the decrease in blue-collar jobs in the United States is due to the technological revolution. Perhaps the biggest reason is that many low-skill manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to developing nations with lower wages. At the same time, some blue-collar workers, predominantly in the building and health care industries, have seen rapidly rising wages due to their requirement of specialized skills. This wiki. This wiki Best escort service wikis.

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